Choice advice

Is your child approaching school transfer? Are you considering which school is best suited to your child’s needs?

Choice Advice is a free impartial advice and information service for parents and families who would like additional support with school admissions. It can help you if:

  • English is not your first language
  • you have recently moved to Slough
  • your child is moving to Reception or Year 7
  • you are confused by the whole process.

The parents' guide to Primary and Secondary Schools in Slough will be available on line from 1 September each year. This will include information about tranfer to Secondary, Reception and Infant to Junior schools.

Secondary transfer

The online application process opens on 1st September. You only have a short period of time to complete the forms.

  • You have the right to state a preference for up to 6 schools for your child. You do not actually choose the school they will go to.
  • School places are allocated using the admissions criteria for each school. These can be found in the parents' guide to Primary and Secondary Schools. Please read these carefully when considering a school.
  • If you are a Slough resident considering an out of borough school, this must be listed on your Slough CAF form. A list of neighbouring authorities and contact details are in the parents' guide.
  • Remember to register with the Grammar schools of your choice if your child will be sitting the 11+ selection test or to contact The Langley Academy for details on their entrance test. Further information is available on school websites listed at the right hand side.

Things to think about when considering a school

  • Try to attend all the open evenings held by the schools you may be interested in. This will give you a better understanding of ‘what’s on offer’.
  • Take your child’s feelings into consideration regarding the schools and take your child along to the open evening.
  • Do not rely on what other people think about a school. Read the prospectus, visit the school and talk to staff.
  • If you are unable to attend the open evening, many schools will be happy to show you around at another time.
  • Do you need a school with some Special Education Needs provision?
  • Do you need a school with extended services, i.e. breakfast or homework clubs?
  • Some schools have a specialist status. You can find out more on the school website. 

For more information and support please feel free to contact the Choice Adviser on 01753 787670 or email