The planning process in Slough

Considering your planning application

Most applications are decided by planning officers who apply Local Planning Policies and the Government's agenda for Planning (for example the National Planning Policy Framework). About five per cent (such as larger developments) are also considered by Members at the Planning Committee which is a public meeting generally held every month. Planning is a public process so neighbours and others are also able to express their views on planning related matters.

For clarity, and to ensure impartiality and consistency in the way planning is carried out, Members and Officers are guided by a code of conduct set out in the Council's constitution. More information can be found here:


Decisions on planning applications are made within the statutory period of 8 weeks for minor applications, 13 weeks for major applications and 16 weeks for applications accompanied by an environmental impact assessment (EiA). This decision making time begins when all the information needed has been provided, and includes three weeks for those who may be affected by the proposals to give us their views: such as neighbours, the Highways team for roads or the Environment Agency about flooding. (The definition for Major and Minor Applications, and those requiring and EiA is set nationally by Government).

You can see information about planning applications in Slough Borough from this link. You will need the postal address or the Planning Application Reference number.


If your planning application has been refused you can appeal to the independent Planning Inspectorate to reconsider the decision. There are time limits within which this can be done, and information that needs to be submitted which varies according to the type of application. Guidance and forms are provided online from the links below.

Local planning policy

All planning applications are assessed against the Council's adopted planning policies. These are set out in a number of documents specific to Slough including the Slough Core Strategy, Saved Local Plan, Proposals Map and Site Allocations, and supplemented by additional documents such as the Residential Extensions Guidelines and Developers Guides. These documents are available from the links below:

Planning Slough's future : a new Local Plan to 2036

The Council have begun to review the Local Plan for Slough. It will set out how new development in Slough can continue to meet the needs of its growing business and residential communities up to 2036. The biggest challenges will be how to build all the new homes our residents need ( about 927 a year for 20 years), how to continue to provide for locally and nationally important businesses (about 15,000 jobs), how to make the most of Heathrow on our doorstep (such as benefiting from the third runway, and coping with its impacts), how to get more people not to use their cars, and how to provide all the infrastructure we need. We expect to produce a spatial strategy for consultation at the end of this year.

If you want to be kept informed about progress on the Local Plan please send your contact details to

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