Warning to residents – never give your bank details over the phone

Published: 26 June 2018

Slough Borough Council is reminding residents and tenants they should never give out their bank details or bank card numbers if they are cold called by companies claiming to work on behalf of the council.

Slough Borough Council would never call residents or customers asking for these details, so it is very likely you would be the victim of fraud if you give these details over.

The warning comes after a council tenant was contacted by a company called GSM, claiming to work on council tax rebates on behalf of the council.

They asked the tenant for her bank details as well as the long card number on her bank card. They claimed she had a rebate of £4,000 that needed to put in her account.

Luckily the tenant refused to give any information and hung up, reporting the call to her bank and the council.

Cllr Mohammed Nazir, cabinet member for housing, said: “I would like to reinforce to our tenants and residents, that this is not the way the council does business. We would never call out of the blue and ask you for bank details.

“Luckily this story has a happy ending - this tenant was wary of the call she received and no money was taken from her account. However it could have turned into a nightmare if she had given her details.

“I would urge everyone to keep their wits about them if they receive calls like this in the future.”