Independent review called

Published: 13 November 2017

The leader of Slough Borough Council, councillor Sohail Munawar, has ordered an independent review into the recruitment of the chief executive and senior officers.

The review, which will be undertaken by Gravitas Consultancy, follows political volatility at the council and will include the council’s whistleblowing policy.

Councillor Munawar, said: “It is unfortunate political differences, personalities and opinions have damaged the reputation of the organisation we all hold dear and I have decided, in the interests of the council, our residents and businesses we should have an independent review of our most critical and urgent business.

“The council’s work is continuing every day and for many staff it is business as usual.

“We have an excellent senior leadership team led by the interim chief executive supported by a diverse and committed workforce, who are collectively leading the way in providing services and improving the town for everyone..

“But these political wranglings only serve to bring our wonderful borough down, cause a difficult working environment and invite doubt in our abilities and those of our wonderful hard working communities.

“I have listened to all the concerns raised and reflected on them and I believe this review is what we need.

“It will be entirely independent, will review and offer recommendations which should answer all the issues people have raised, all their concerns once and for all, meaning we can continue to drive forward with our vision for the town.”

He added: “I would like to thank everyone who is supporting me as leader of the council.

“Slough is a great place to live and work and I want to continue our excellent work unhindered.”