Slough moves into covid tier 2

The change will come into force at 00:01 Saturday 24 October. Find out more details about Slough going into tier 2 and what it means.

Please go to our coronavirus pages for the latest guidance, how services are affected, and what help is available.

Our values

Our employees care deeply about the work we do for Slough and its residents, visitors and businesses. Find out more about our five values and how they drive our behaviour and how we work.

Our five values


We are accountable for all our decisions and actions; to our residents, businesses, visitors and our town. We:

  • take ownership of issues and problems
  • are positive and professional
  • work efficiently
  • are reliable
  • are honest and trustworthy


The status quo is not enough for us - we strive every day to deliver our services to the highest standards. Our ambition isn’t limited to just our own services and our own organisation; we are working for a better Slough for everyone. We:

  • go the extra mile
  • take the initiative
  • develop ourselves
  • aim for excellence in everything we do
  • have a positive attitude


We are excited by working in an environment and town that never stands still and are committed to be at the forefront of new ways of working to benefit our residents. We:

  • embrace new technology and ways of working
  • are open to new ideas
  • take the initiative and contribute without fear of criticism
  • proactively look for solutions
  • share ideas with others


Being responsive means more than just answering on time or just saying yes; it’s about getting it right - the right thing at the right time. We:

  • listen
  • focus on our customers and their needs
  • proactively search for solutions
  • are open to new suggestions
  • are kind and respectful


We understand that often the best way to help others is to empower them to help themselves. We will be working with partners, residents and business to provide support to help them succeed. We:

  • show respect in all we do
  • are kind and understanding
  • are supportive
  • share information and ideas
  • ‘smile it forward’ - if we smile, others will smile with us