Telecare & assistive technology

What is Telecare?

Telecare services use technology to help people live more independently and safely. It includes personal alarms and activity & inactivity sensor devices. The device sends a manual or automatic alert to a response centre or nominated carer who can take appropriate action to make sure the person gets help quickly if there is a problem. Careline provides this service:

Will Telecare alarms help me?

If you or a family member can relate to any of the following, Telecare alarms and equipment may suit you.   

  • Elderly people who live alone.
  • People with dementia or mental health problems.
  • People at risk of falling, blackouts or with long term health conditions.
  • Victims of domestic violence.
  • Victims of anti-social behaviour and bogus callers.

More information

The Telecare leaflet gives more information about the range of devices that are available.

How does it work?

Telecare devices can be monitored or standalone.

Monitored devices are linked to a 24/7 monitoring centre or a carer’s telephone. We monitor service users with a monitored device via its internal careline, which is run independent from Adult Social Care.

Standalone devices can be used by the service user or carer to help with daily living tasks. For example, this could be a timed prompt to remind a person to take their pills or a door exit sensor to alert a carer when a person exits or enters through a specific door.

How to apply

To find out if you qualify for this service and for an assessment of your needs, please contact:

Adult Social Care
First Contact Team: 01753 475111 (Option 1)

Do I have to pay?

Telecare & assistive technology is a means-tested service, contributions will be based on a financial assessment. This means that under the policy:

  • residents who are entitled to this service will receive all Telecare and assistive technology equipment on loan free of charge;
  • any ad hoc or planned maintenance and repair will be free of charge;
  • where the service is offered with 24/7 monitoring via our designated call centre, a weekly charge of £4.50 will be applicable depending on the service users’ financial situation.

If you are eligible to receive services, the Financial Assessments and Benefits Team will work with you to ensure you receive all the benefits you are entitled to and carry out a financial assessment to see if you need to contribute anything.

What would the weekly charge of £4.50 cover?

  • On loan equipment.
  • Installation.
  • Maintenance and parts replacement.
  • 24/7 responder service: trained and appropriately equipped responders who would be dispatched to offer you assistance as and when required. For example, lifting a client from the floor and helping them to get back to a safe position or arranging further support for them if necessary.
  • 24/7 call handling by our designated monitoring centre.

Paying contributions towards your care service.

What if I'm not eligible for social care from the council?

You can purchase this service or some elements of it from a number of providers including directly from Slough Careline by calling 01753 535622.

There is a wider range of private telecare companies you could use:

Please be aware we do not recommend any specific companies and this is simply a list to help you.

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