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Support for adult carers in Slough

Young carers

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Who is a carer?

A carer is someone who supports a partner, family member or friend due to the person’s age, illness, disability, substance misuse or mental health problem. This is different to providing paid professional care, or acting as a volunteer through an organisation. Carers come from all communities and are of all ages.

Caring for someone includes helping them with washing, dressing, eating, managing finances or keeping appointments, as well as emotional support when the person they care for feels lonely or anxious.

Can I get support as a carer?

The Care Act 2014 has increased the rights and recognition of carers in the adult social care system by putting carers’ rights on an equal footing to the person they care for.

This means that if you are a carer, you have the right to have a carer’s assessment based on your needs, regardless of the amount of care you provide. If you think you are a carer, you may be able to get support from the council, other public services or from the local community to help you carry on with your caring role and look after your own health and wellbeing.

The Care Act also introduced a new duty for councils to involve carers in the assessment of the person they care for.

Getting the right support when you need it

When you look after someone who needs a lot of support, there may be times when you need help too. Find out more about the support available locally for carers:

National support

Frimley Health and Care STP

Together for Carers

The Frimley Health and Care Sustainability and Transformation Partnership recently supported this event. Presentations can be downloaded here:

  1. Alan Sinclair - Introduction
  2. Tina White - Sustainability and Transformation Partnership
  3. Dave Ross -  Building carer friendly services
  4. Dr Charles Walker - The journey to improvement
  5. Dr Jim O'Donnell - Recognising and valuing carers
  6. Emily Holzhausen - Employers for carers and digital resource