Slough moves into covid tier 2

The change will come into force at 00:01 Saturday 24 October. Find out more details about Slough going into tier 2 and what it means.

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Autism Strategy

Joining the Dots

Slough's Joint Autism Strategy 2014-2017

People with autism are valued residents of Slough. Slough Borough Council and the recently formed NHS Slough Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) have a shared commitment to work together to improve the lives and opportunities for children and adults with autism in Slough.

This joint strategy goes beyond the requirements set out in the Autism Act 2009 and the associated national policy guidance, which refers only to adults. Instead, in Slough we have adopted a more ambitious approach, developing a strategy that relates to both children and adults. Our reason for this is we know that people with autism often face obstacles starting at childhood. We also know that the transition from child to adulthood can be a particularly difficult stage for young people.

By including both children and adults, we are aiming to take a more holistic approach, developing opportunities and realising potential for people with autism at all stages in their lives. This strategy will set the scene for the next three years as to how Slough Borough Council and Slough CCG will work together along with the voluntary and private sector to develop opportunities to make significant improvements to the lives of people with autism and their families.