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Adult Social Care and how to access

Adult Social Care and Support

If you need support to take care of yourself or keep in touch with others because you are getting older or you have a disability or ongoing health condition Adult Social Care may be able to help.

We offer a range of information, advice and support to help you:

  • be as independent as you can be
  • stay living in your own home for as long as possible
  • stay involved in social activities and
  • live your life the way you want.

Some of the services we offer are free and available to all Slough adults, other services have specific eligibility criteria and people may be asked to contribute towards the cost - how much you pay depends on your financial situation.

Who are the services for?

Our statutory services are for adults (18 years and over) who live within the borough of Slough who are dependent on others for care and/or support because of their age, a disability or ongoing health problems.

We also support carers who look after a dependent adult.

How do I contact Adult Social Care Services?

Older people and adults with physical disabilities, sensory needs, learning disabilities or ongoing health conditions - and carers of adults with any of these conditions - should call the Adult Social Care on 01753 475111 (option 1), or via our online enquiry form on the right.

Out of hours service

For out of hours social care issues including child protection call 01344 786 543.
Adults with mental health needs - or their carers - should contact the Community Mental Health Team on:
0300 365 0300 (for new referrals) or 01753 690950 (for existing referrals).

What support do we offer?

This depends on your individual situation. We will always try to help you to find community support to stay as well as you can and at home for as long as possible.

When you first contact us for help we will ask you to tell us about your situation, the things you can do, the things you need help with and the help you are already getting. This is called a contact Assessment.

Your Contact Assessment will help us understand your situation so we can offer the support that will help you best.

Assessments are free and available to everyone.

Once we are aware of your situation we may:

  • offer information and advice
  • refer you to our Reablement service for short term intensive support to help you regain your independence
  • offer ongoing care and support if you are eligible.

What information and advice do we provide?

We can give you advice about your situation and provide information about local organisations which may be able to provide services and support you need.

If you prefer you can go straight to our Slough Services Guide to find:

  • services to help you live safely at home
  • support to get out and about
  • things to do
  • help with housing or finding a care home.

Information and advice services are FREE and available to ALL Slough adults, their families and carers.

What is reablement?

This service offers up to six weeks of intensive support and therapy in your own home to help you rebuild strength, increase mobility and regain confidence following an illness or injury. Our aim is to help you regain all or most of your independence.

Reablement has a great track record - most people going through this service need little or no ongoing support.

This service is FREE and available to all Slough adults:

  • Whose initial assessment suggests they could benefit from this service and
  • Who are registered with or willing to register with a GP.

See our reablement information leaflet for more information.

What is ongoing care and support?

If you are likely to need ongoing care and/or support we will carry out a more detailed assessment with you to:

  • identify your needs and goals
  • determine if you are eligible for this support from the Council.

If you are not eligible for this help we will offer advice about other organisations who may be able to help you.

If you are eligible we will:

  • calculate how much the support you need is likely to cost (this is called your Personal Budget)
  • help you choose and plan the services and support you want to meet your assessed needs (this is called a Support Plan)
  • arrange your support for you or give you the money we would put towards your Personal Budget so you can arrange and pay for your own care (this is called a Direct Payment) - if you prefer you can have a combination
  • review your situation regularly to make sure the support you receive continues to meet your needs.

You can come back to us at any time if your needs change or you are unhappy with your Support Plan.

What sort of help will I get?

It depends on your individual needs and what you choose. For example, if you need help with personal care (washing, bathing, dressing) you may decide to employ your own personal assistant or you could ask a care agency to provide the support you need.

We will explain your options to help you make an informed choice when you are planning your services.

How much will I be charged for my ongoing care and support?

If you are eligible for ongoing care and support from the council you will need to have a financial assessment to see how much you will need to contribute towards the cost of your care and support.

The financial assessment will look at your income and savings, including income from pensions, some benefits and other assets. The amount you will have to pay will be calculated according to government guidelines and can take into account certain housing costs and disability-related spending.

During your financial assessment we also check to see you are getting all the benefits, credits and payments you are entitled to.

You don't have to have a financial assessment but if you don't you will have to pay the full cost of your care. If you can afford to pay for the help you need we can still help you with planning, arranging and managing your support if you can't do this on your own and you don't have anyone else to help you.

We will make an annual charge for arranging and managing your care and support at home.

What if my home isn't suitable for my needs?

If you can't use essential facilities in your home (like your bathroom) you may be able to:

Contact Adult Social Care on 01753 475111 for more information.

Can I get help to move into a care home?

Moving to a care home is a big decision. Before you decide anything please contact Adult Social Care Services (01753 475111) for advice.

If you have complex care needs that cannot be supported at home and your care assessment shows that you need to move to a care home we can offer advice about local homes that can offer the help you need.


We value your feedback to help improve the service provided by Adult Social Care and would appreciate if you could spare the time to complete the online feedback form as your views are important to us.

If you would like to make a complaint about an Adult Social Care service please see our complaints procedure and form.

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