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Accessibility guides 2019

Slough Borough Council has partnered with AccessAble to create access guides for residents and visitors in Slough who have a disability.

The access guides for Slough contain more than 1,000 pieces of information for more than 200 venues. Access guides take you on your journey throughout a venue including detailed information about doors, level access, lifts, toilets, staff training, lighting levels, background music and Safe Places, to name a few.

The guides feature information that has been included based on user feedback and with a pan-disability approach.

Every piece of information is included because someone with a disability has suggested it would be useful for them to know this before they go somewhere.

Access guides are designed with the intention of someone with a disability being able to make independent and informed decisions when deciding where to go out.

The guides are free and available at the AccessAble website and on the AccessAble app from iTunes App Store or AccessAble app from Google Play.