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Slough Carers Partnership Board

Slough recognises the important role carers provide within Slough’s diverse community, promoting the wellbeing of others. It is crucial they are valued as expert partners and supported to lead as full a life as possible alongside their caring role.

Role of the Board

Slough’s Carers Partnership Board was re-launched in May 2014 to help oversee and support the implementation of the Slough Carers Strategy. This aims to improve the quality of carers’ lives by identifying and enabling carers to access the right services and support to help them in their caring role. Another important function of the Board is to raise awareness of carers within the local community, recognising and valuing their important role.

The Carers Partnership Board is accountable to the Slough Wellbeing Board, Slough.

Objectives of the Board

  1. To oversee Slough’s Carers Strategy and delivery plan.
  2. To establish work streams that can deliver the plan outlined within the Carers Strategy and in line with legislation including the Care Act 2014.
  3. To ensure carers are equal partners within the Board and work streams.
  4. To indentify new carers including young carers in Slough.
  5. To develop effective ways of engaging with carers in the development of future services including through the Slough Carers Forum.
  6. To ensure carers understand their rights including access to a carer’s assessment, information and advice and support to help them in their caring role.
  7. To promote joint working and sharing of information to improve outcomes for carers and the people they care.
  8. To encourage innovative delivery of services for carers promoting choice, control, flexibility and personalised support.
  9. To raise awareness and understanding about the needs of carers within Slough’s community.
  10. To promote joint working to share resource and expertise and exchange local and national information of good practice.
  11. To engage with the other strategic Partnership Boards and networks within Slough to share information and avoid duplication of activity.

Meetings and agreed methods of working

The Board is co-chaired by a carer and the Head of Care Group Commissioning, Slough Borough Council. Board meetings will usually take place quarterly. Board members have responsibility for actively contributing to work plan that support the implementation of the Carers Strategy.

Membership of the Board

Membership of the Board is open to carers and those who have a lead role in developing support and services for carers in Slough. This includes:

  • carers and carer representatives from Slough’s Carers Forums
  • Slough Borough Council
  • Slough Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Berkshire Healthcare Foundation Trust
  • representation from carers support services within the voluntary sector.

Non Board members are invited to meetings as required to help with the delivery of the programme.

If you would like to become a member of the Carers Partnership Board, please contact the Slough Commissioning team or, tel 01753 875593.

Agendas and minutes and other key documents

Agendas, minutes and other document supporting the work of the Carers Partnership Board: