School travel

School pupils cycling.

School travel is an important issue that can affect a wide section of the Slough community, whether this be pupils, teachers, parents, governors or the local community. To help improve any travel issues at your school, Slough Borough Council recommends that each school develops and maintains a school travel plan. Slough Borough Council has a team of school travel and road safety advisors who can assist with the development of a school travel plan and any issues relating to school travel.

A school travel plan sets out ways to:

  • reduce the number of car trips made to your school
  • encourage pupils and staff to walk, cycle or scoot  
  • improve safety on the school journey.

A school travel plan aims to raise awareness of:

  • the health and social benefits of walking, cycling or scooting to school
  • the environmental benefits of reducing the number of cars travelling to school
  • local travel options such as public transport and local cycle routes.

A school travel plan should:

  • identify any travel issues for pupils, parents or staff on the way to school
  • identify off-site measures that will make it safer and more attractive for pupils and their parents to walk, cycle and scoot to school
  • link safety, health and sustainability issues to the wider school curriculum
  • seek ways to promote sustainable travel within the school.

The benefits for your school could be:

  • support from Slough Borough Council on local travel issues
  • improve your school’s community image and relationship with neighbours
  • help reduce the environmental footprint of your school
  • make your pupils more aware of the issues on sustainability.

If you would like to develop a school travel plan, the Slough Borough Council team can help with all the information, resources and support you need.

You can email a Slough school travel advisor: or call: 01753 475111.

Road safety advice can be found on the Safer Roads website.