Corporate Parenting

Corporate parenting is about how the council and its partners act as responsible parents for children living under their care.

As corporate parents we must constantly ask ‘is this good enough for my child?’. This means caring about looked after children as well as caring for them and nurturing all aspects of their development.

Slough Borough Council and Slough Children’s Services Trust (SCST) are committed to being outstanding corporate parents, championing our most vulnerable children in all that we do so our looked after children are able to live safe, happy, healthy and successful lives.

Slough’s Corporate Parenting Strategy 2019-2020 sets out our key priorities for supporting children and young people in Slough who are looked after. Our priorities are based on Our Pledge: our promises to our looked after children.

Slough has established a Joint Parenting Panel consisting of elected members, Slough Children’s Services Trust Non-Executive Directors and senior council, Trust and partners officers to ensure that services provided are of a high quality, and are effectively meeting the needs of looked after children and care leavers.