Senior managers roles & remuneration

The chief executive

The council's chief executive (CE) is Josie Wragg. The CE is the senior officer who leads and takes responsibility for the work of the paid staff of the council.

The role of CE is a full-time appointment. Post holders are selected on merit, against objective criteria, following public advertisement. They are appointed by the whole council.

As head of the paid service, the CE works closely with elected members to deliver:

  • leadership: to work with elected members to ensure strong and visible leadership and direction, to encourage and enable managers to motivate and inspire their teams
  • strategic direction: to make sure all staff understand and adhere to the strategic aims of the organisation and follow the direction set by the elected members
  • policy advice: to act as the principal policy adviser to the elected members of the council to lead the development of workable strategies which will deliver the political objectives set by the councillors
  • partnerships: to lead and develop strong partnerships across the local community to achieve improved outcomes and better public services for local people
  • operational management: to oversee financial and performance management, risk management, people management and change management within the council.


Local Authorities are required to publish, under the Accounts and Audit (England) Regulations 2011, the remuneration of the CE and other members of the senior management team.

More information can be found in the Pay Policy and on our Budget Book page.

Remuneration of senior management team

All members of staff are able to claim incurred necessary expenses on production of a receipt for items such as:

  • travel
  • accommodation and meals while on council business and away from the office or home
  • other legitimate expenses incurred subject to any maximum amounts currently in force

Salaries are reviewed annually having regard to:

  • national pay awards
  • market conditions
  • financial situation of the council.

Progression through the scale is not automatic. All managerial staff are subject to annual appraisal, and progression only happens if satisfactory progress is evidenced.

Senior management structure

This is an organisation chart of the staff in the top three levels of the local authority and any details of currently vacant posts at those levels.

Remuneration details for the CE and members of the senior management team

The remuneration details are listed in the Pay Policy Statement, which also compares the remuneration of our lower paid employees.