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Travel plans for new developments

The Department for Transport (DfT) defines a travel plan as a long-term management strategy for an organisation or site that aims to deliver sustainable transport objectives. This is set out in a document that is regularly reviewed.

We secure travel plans through the planning process for new developments to minimise the impact it will have on the transport system, and to promote sustainable travel at the development.

A travel plan is more a process than a policy document.

Guidance and policy

To help you prepare your travel plan please read:

The following will also help:


Monitoring is a key part of a travel plan, for both the developer and for us to measure progress against it's aims, objectives and targets. We have adopted the TRICS SAM surveying methodology for travel plan monitoring.

The monitoring information notes - advice for developers on travel plan monitoring.

The monitoring procedure and responsibilities for both the council and the developer, owner, or applicant.

The monitoring report template must be filled in and returned to the council each year for the life of the travel plan (usually 5 years). In years 1, 3 and 5 survey data must be included:

Travel welcome pack

Slough Borough Council has developed a travel welcome pack template, for use by developers when providing residents with travel information. Many sites in the borough are obliged to provide these travel packs as part of a planning agreement, and the council has developed this pack in order to make it simple for developers / managing agents to produce a pack with the required information.

Either a developer can produce a pack themselves, by using the template provided, or they can make a contribution via their planning agreement for the council to do so on their behalf.

For more information or to request a word version of the template, please email

Further information

If you need more assistance and advice, please email the Transport Strategy team: or call 01753 477334.

If you need a travel plan for a school or nursery please call the same number for advice.